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There's tremendous value (for any language) to get something that can really lint your code, preferably inline in your editor. It looks like lack of that is one of the complaints against PERL?

Dunno what to say, I use (neo)vim and ale is perfectly capable of linting both my and ElReg's Perl (not "PERL") modules and scripts using both perl -c to check the syntax, and perlcritic (with per-projects overrides in .perlcriticrc) to ensure nothing too unwieldy is being typed. Coupled with a simple pre-commit hook to, again, check syntax and ensure we're not committing too much crap, it seems like kinda what you'd have with any other language, unfortunately sans "completion hints" as it's an interpreted language, and omnicompletion really only seems to work for the most basic of classes.

I've got something similar setup for HTML, JS, CSS and SASS using the exact same system, so Perl isn't an outlier here.

Rather, I feel that there's not enough options in perltidy to match my or ElReg's "house style", unfortunately. I'd love for Perl to have something as pleasant to use, and read, as gofmt, but unfortunately perltidy doesn't seem to be enough for me. I might just have weird syntax preferences!

And I am keenly aware it's super hard for most people to read and understand a PERL program of any real complexity.

IMVHO, you can write maintainable or unmaintainable code in any language. I've seen scary stuff in C, C++, Perl, ASM, and I've seen maintainable code in ASM, Perl, C++, C. /shrug

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