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I've been a Python coder for 10 years, and I've never had a significant problem with the tabs vs spaces thing. Like, it maybe pops up once every ... four, five months? And either an editor feature or a search/replace fixes it lickety-split.

I've also never had a problem getting (what I consider) proper code editors to stick to one standard for Python code. Probably the most common way for me to get in trouble with that is if I hack something with vi on a local machine, but I try to only do that for dire reasons. Most of my code goes from editor to source control to *some* kind of deployment pipeline.

There's tremendous value (for any language) to get something that can really lint your code, preferably inline in your editor. (It looks like lack of that is one of the complaints against PERL?) Any popular Python linter will tell you you've got mixed tabs and spaces. And linters for many languages I've worked with will complain about that even if it's not syntactically relevant.

I'm a bit surprised to see PERL rate highest for hate. I do suppose that's got a lot to do with where one is coming from. I wouldn't try to write anything really complex in PERL - I try only use it as an awk stand-in, but I did have to write CGI code for it back in the day. I don't hate it. I just think there are better languages for most formal programming tasks. And I am keenly aware it's super hard for most people to read and understand a PERL program of any real complexity.

My personal most disliked language would probably be Pascal. I was taught that as a programming language in college, which I thought was laughable at the time. Maybe this was an implementation thing, but the version we had to work with was extremely limited. The closest thing I could get to an array with it was a doubly linked list. Fortunately, I knew how to program (if not how to exercise best practice) before I went to college.

VB is up there on my list of dislikes, though it did serve a useful purpose in its day. I just really disliked its syntax.

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