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Dear Mr. Rosenstein

Here is what I wrote to Mr. Rosenstein today.

Dear Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein,

You made an important case for public/private partnership in your remarks to the 2017 North American International Cyber Summit. At the end of your remarks, however, you undermined the credibility of your message by asserting, without proof, that it is possible to have strong encryption that is both secure and available to law enforcement, and that the challenges involved are simply engineering ones.

I was taught in school that ignorance of the law is no excuse. Likewise, ignorance of the fundamentals of encryption does not excuse the fallacy in the both-secure-and-available claim. If authorized individuals can access an encrypted message, then so can unauthorized individuals. Please do not set policy based on the false assumption that this issue can be somehow worked around by engineering. This is not an engineering problem and does not have an engineering solution.

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