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> Top tip... don't buy crappy BT 'phones. I use Sony MDR-1ABTs and the sound

> (and comfort) is superb. They can also use an (included) optional 3.5mm cable

> which, with an adaptor, sound great through my hifi amp.

Have to agree. I dabbled with a number of “cheap” BT ‘phones. I’m a bit of a headphone fetishist with set after set of (sadly) expensive sennheiser, AKG and even some Bose cans at home. But bored during an 8 hour layover at O’Hare, I sampled a pair of Beats X BT buds

I hate Beats phones, hate them! But these are like silk, no hint even of the Beats at all.. Expensive, but then compare something like £15 Apple earbuds to cheap BT buds and they’re all shit.

But this isn’t a critique of the Beats.I guess the my point is cheap is cheap, wired or BT.

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