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Perl's issues are not Perl as such

Perl has two main issues:

1. Multiple ways for everything. Multiple ways to do control structures, loops, etc.

2. Lack of good tools to enforce style. There is a plethora of tools to do that for c and java and some languages like pyhton have them as a part of the standard and toolchain. Perl has none.

When you combine 1 and 2 keeping a project with a consistent style becomes a major nightmare. It takes absolute dictatorship to do so which in turn always causes aggravation in the people who work on it.

The issue which the code snippet in the article tries to illustrate is not a bug, it is a feature. Perl was originally built around regexps and till this day is the undisputed king if you need to live and die by the regexp. Any other language which needs to employ regexps ends up with similar mind-bending drivel which is also necessarily more verbose and limited in terms of features. F.E. if we try to rewrite that code in python or java it will not look any prettier.

As far as pet hate subjects, Delphi IMHO is clearly the absolute leader. I have never ever had to deal with anything requiring so much useless labour to get anything done and producing such abysmal results in terms of size, speed and stability of the final product.

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