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Useful if you are in the Apple "ecosystem" - e.g. your photos taken on your phone seamlessly accessible for edit in PotatoShop (or graphics tool of choice) on iPad or Mac seconds later.

Yes I know there are plenty of bits of software to sync content across devices, but the Apple products do it seamlessly with no effort on the part of the user (and no skill / knowledge of software needed).

Another useful feature is security updates actually occur (one of the few pixel selling points is actually getting updates as vanilla) which is handy for non tech folk who are not as security savvy / paranoid.

As is easy way to transfer all your old stuff / settings onto a new phone from Apple cloud backed up old phone (again, yes there are ways to do this on other phones, but not as easily, or as thoroughly)

I don't use iPhone, cheap and cheerful androids for me. but know people who do for reasons above (non techies, work in visual / creative arts fields)

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