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we should have gone for a tail hooker

And not any F35 variant. The UK simply can't afford all of these cutting edge toys. Even in some hypothetical war with Russia or China, we'd be better off with (slightly) simpler aircraft that work, and that we have more of.

Problem is, the idiots of the British government have left themselves no options, by their failure to progress a homegrown strike aircraft even to a design concept level. The Agile Combat Aircraft (that was the Typhoon's design concept) cost £25m back in 1982, say £50m in today's value. The MoD are pissing more than that up the wall in competitions for SMEs this year.

The MoD are asleep at the wheel, as they always have been. The have around 60,000 civilian employees, costing somewhere around £2bn a year, but they won't find the few millions to develop Taranis, they're only just waking up to the need to replace the RAF's training aircraft, they've slept through the entire service life of the RAF's strike aircraft, they botched the options on carrier cats & traps, they screwed up helicopter procurement, they failed to keep airframe and avionics separate on the failed Nimrod MRA4, they've ended up importing the majority of the RAF's aircraft, they've allowed Airbus to screw around for a decade on A400M, they're complicit in the plans to sell off half the Royal Navy, they left the Army in 'Stan and Iraq with "Snatch" Land Rovers that were totally unsuitable for the regular forces needs.

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