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Bob on mate.

However, "Until some sales leadership with balls takes control" is never going to happen.

Its a brutal dictatorship with only one person in charge who doesn't listen to anyone but himself.

He's on a mission to strip 30% of the company into dollars and he's going to do it. He's so busy with this fire sale that actual business just isn't important, its all about the asset strip. Anything else is just fluff, smoke and mirrors while he plays his corporate monopoly game which is never ending.

Which is a shame, because there still are employees 100% customer focused with decent skills striving to do what they've always done - create and maintain IT systems or die trying.

The numbers are dwindling though through absolute bloodbath attrition.

But its not just DXC, this is happening all over ITO....

I don't think anyone getting chucked out the door would touch another ITO employer ever again.

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