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I don't USE NO STEEEEENNNNKKKKING Google or Apple smartphone!

I use a FULL Mil-spec 810F/G and IP68 super-rugged all-titanium

TEMPEST-rated, fully-encrypted 4k 6.3 inch phablet actually

MADE IN CANADA from mostly Canadian-sourced parts!

Buy Rugged Smarthones all you Stooopeeed-Mucho-Ignoranti-Sheeple Consumers ;-) :-)

Apple and Google are for Fanbois and Posers....NOT FOR REAL MEN and REAL WOMEN

with GUTS, GLORY and American-made 8-litre F450 Super-Duty Trucks (aka big lorries)

and open-carry 30-clip AR-15's !!!!

Y'all Pussywhips! --- Get a REAL phone not a mere fashion accessory!

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