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"I cant work out why they:

- Dropped SD card support"

They didn't. No Google device (other than the original Nexus iirc) has supported microSD storage so it's hardly an about-face. I don't agree with it, but it's been par for the course with Google devices for several years.

"Dropped headphone support unless you own a pair of crappy bluetooth 'phones (removed 3.5in jack)"

Top tip... don't buy crappy BT 'phones. I use Sony MDR-1ABTs and the sound (and comfort) is superb. They can also use an (included) optional 3.5mm cable which, with an adaptor, sound great through my hifi amp.

"Made the screen bezel look like its from the 90's"

That's the Pixel 2. The 2XL has the 2017 "full-screen" display which is (apparently) de rigeur for 2017.

"How many people were more worried about a phone being waterproof than they were about being able to use it to listen to music? Fucking no one"

Well, this person gives a fcuk about both, so I bought a Sony XZ1. It works for me.


"What is it about phone design that forces you to remove the expandable SD card slot? Fucking nothing. Other than an Apple-style price gouge for more capacious models."

On that we can agree 100% The SD835 supports microSD expansion, as demonstrated by other OEMs. The GoogleCloud is okay for backup purposes, but until 3/4G coverage is ubiquitous I'll insist on the dependable microSD card. I venture off-grid regularly in the NW of Scotland, and being stuck in a tent for 48hrs without entertainment other than the same map to read is hell on earth! :)

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