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"n spite of everything Redmond has put them through, what remains of Nokia's mobile division, now back at Nokia, "

No, Nokia do not make cellphones - HMD Global make cellphones with Nokia's name on them and using Nokia's IP, but they are not part of Nokia.

That said, it looks like Nokia are keeping a very close eye on QC (it is their name and reputation on the line, after all) and I'm very happy with my Nokia 8 - so happy we got my wife a Nokia 6 for herself last weekend and unless something goes sadly wrong with either of them my next work mobile will be a Nokia 6 as well. Added bonus - only one carrier added application and that can be deleted like any other downloaded app - other than that, pure unaltered Android direct from Google.

Disclosure: Posting as AC because, but very pleased with the phone none-the-less.

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