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"Our programmers, engineers, and mathematicians are not ignorant sheeple who blindly pay a so-called idiot tax because they are too stupid to do otherwise"

But they are well paid professionals to whom the cost of something like a phone is immaterial. I have my cars on extended warranty and service plans because the cost is immaterial to me but not having to think about these things is a bonus. If most of the people you know are in the Apple ecosystem, and the cost is immaterial, you'll buy Apple for messaging and so on. No problem with that.

The problem comes when the young woman comes into the debt advisory service and they point out that her £50 a month iPhone/Galaxy Note 8/whatever contract is a significant part of why she can't pay her rent. At that point you start to wonder whether the creation of glamorous images around products and the marketing of peer pressure is such a good thing. These are the people referred to as "sheep".

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