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Lead times _are_ going to be inherently longer now.

They ARE longer now. I question why they are "inherently" going to be longer now? We have the huge time saving advance of CAD, the ability to go from drawing board to physical component prototypes via 3D printing.

Flight testing seems to be broadly as time consuming as it has always been, the real delays are in fuck-witted procurement, painful multi-country collaboration, trying to simultaneously design every element anew, and persistent changes in specification and design. Not to mention political dithering. With the will and the funding, it should take no more than a few months to design a new fast jet, and a few months to build (EAP, the forerunner to Typhoon, went from design concept to first flight in about three and a half years, with very limited government or military customer support). You could argue that design work went on longer beforehand, but that would be true of almost any WW2 aircraft.

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