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Greg D

Pixel was impressive - Pixel 2 is an abortion

disclaimer: I've owned neither devices. I was very close to getting a Pixel 1 though.

I was checking the tech specs of this the other day.

Why have they basically produced an iPhone with a Google badge on it? Where are all the things that made Android a good alternative to the walled-garden overpriced company?

I cant work out why they:

- Dropped SD card support

- Dropped headphone support unless you own a pair of crappy bluetooth 'phones (removed 3.5in jack)

- Made the screen bezel look like its from the 90's

It makes no sense. How many people were more worried about a phone being waterproof than they were about being able to use it to listen to music? Fucking no one.

What is it about phone design that forces you to remove the expandable SD card slot? Fucking nothing. Other than an Apple-style price gouge for more capacious models.

These were all decisions I absolutely ridiculed Apple for (and still do). I am horrified to see Google doing the exact same fucking thing. I held 'droid as a cut above the hellhole fashion bazar that is Apple product ownership. I thought Nexus was the way forward with the platform, then they go and drop this steaming pile of equine manure.

Then they made the second iteration WORSE than the first. Not only that, the pandered to the fucking Apple crowd - the exact people they were competing AGAINST.

FML, I hate smartphones these days. I'll probably get a Note 8 though, as I miss the S-Pen from my Note 2.

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