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but people should not underestimate how effective the German Fighting Machine was

I don't think many people round here do, but I'd suggest the Germans were doomed to defeat in WW2 long before Stalingrad, due to the simple over-stretch of their state and military apparatus. They were at war simultaneously in Western Europe, North Africa, and across all of Eastern Europe. They occupied multiple countries without successfully pacifying them, tying up military resources in France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Baltic states, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria, North Africa. And at the same time they had a navy with an inadequate surface fleet (high quality, but no operational carriers and insufficient capital ships). Their air force had excellent fighters throughout the war, but was hampered start to finish by a lack of heavy bombers, because the bulk of German strategy was to win the war through Blitzkrieg. As the US and UK found out in Iraq a few short years ago, winning the conquest stage of a war is easy if you've prepared for that, it is always the bit afterwards that is hard.

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