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I wouldn't argue with you that Apple gouge you as far as phone specs are concerned but your average user i.e. about 98% of iPhone users couldn't give a toss about that. It's about the "experience" which yes is partly about the "shiny" but also about the level of support you get with it.

Got a problem, take it to the Apple Store. Broken, yep we'll replace that. That's why they are happy to pay the Apple Idiot Tax (copyright - El Reg).

Apple have dropped the ball at times no question and like any support for literally millions and millions of products it isn't perfect and you can certainly take issue with the walled garden but the users are not stupid which is why they will pay what you would consider exorbitant prices. I am getting a bit tired of this echo chamber where the average user is dismissed as stupid or sheep or idiots. They are not stupid and neither are Apple which is why the majority of iPhone users will upgrade to another iPhone and Apple has market capitalization heading towards $1 trillion.

/end rant

declaration: Never had an iPhone still clinging to my Blackberry

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