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A disconnected and scattered sales force trying to sell a set of disparate products and services which are delivered by a dwindling number of technical experts. The future of the industry is not 'mega-corp inc' - DXC seem to think that every customer is the same and will buy exactly what they tell them to buy - nicely pre-packaged in a shiny shiny marketing wrapper, but is actually nothing more than slideware. Many of the sales people at DXC were superb at what they do in CSC or HPE - driving innovative conversations and utilising a huge array of resources to support them. Now, it's a shambles - nobody knows what they can sell or who they can sell it too. DXC is so focussed on profit and driving the return on the merger that they've completely lost sight of what made CSC and HPE relatively good companies. When renewing a contract is celebrated as a success, and failing to renew is just swept quietly under the carpet with a mumbling set of excuses blaming the customer, then you know that a company is really going to struggle. The ITO market in the UK and Europe is growing, yet DXC have side-lined most of their senior ITO people into nimby jobs selling a single 'service product' - as long as it's over the phone from your home office in your pyjamas and not an actual face to face meeting with those dreaded 'expenses pre-approvals'...

Until some sales leadership with balls takes control then they'll keep slashing and burning at the platform they're standing on - focussed on profit and forgetting about growth or delivery excellence.

And sadly, all of my observations are from the outside looking in - it would be great to hear if I'm even near the mark as a 3rd party!

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