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I know the opposite: "The plans are all set; I just need funding." -- MEANS: "I have funding to sit and twiddle my thumbs but will NEVER see a DIME to improve the kit in here."

BUT if funding just HAPPENS to come available, they quickly succumb to feature-creep:

1. Start the upgrade project.

2. Get halfway done.

3. Add one more bit of kit off-plan to add features.

4. Realize they need to re-do half the previous work to make space / ensure compatibility / etc.

5. Repeat every time progress hits 1/(2^n).

Result: a never-ending upgrade "project".

At work, this is ongoing in a vehicle lab involving the chassis dynamometer control system, which includes new visual and infrared cameras, displays for visiting vehicle control systems (laptops), and the like.

Even modern churches have this issue: First was a new audio desk (i.e. digital mixer/fader board) and video projectors. Then new projectors. Then they switched from VGA to HDMI-over-Ethernet due to resolution issues. Then stage renovations with new audio junction boxes, including a new keyboard and direct-wiring in the Hammond organ (with the Leslie speaker unit in parallel). Then even the new boxes HAVE to get wired to a new Ethernet-connected remote audio interface unit that supposedly works seamlessly with the main desk. Soon the Leslie is going to be relocated. (Have fun running THAT cable now that the stage is done!) And us in the "orchestra" just want our monitors to work so we can stay on beat -- gah!!!

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