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"That's how you win a war: you don't develop all the weaponry in advance, you wait until you know who you're fighting before you decide what you need to beat them."

Thats all very well if your enemy is thousands of miles away. It didn't work out quite so well for the allies in ww2 (allies before the americans joined that is) in 1940 when they got their arses shot off all the way to dunkirk. Millions died in an avoidable war because european powers ignored the military complex hitler was building in the 30s and were woefully unprepared not only politically but also from a military equipment POV when it kicked off. If the european powers had had decent military equipment in 1939 hitler could have been contained and defeated long before it escalated.

Need a good example of a 1930s pork barrel project? The Maginot line. Cost a fortune - utterly useless.

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