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Aw come on - give Notes a break

I think Notes has a bad reputation primarily from users having bad experiences in the past and a legacy of poorly written applications by users who had no right to be near a development client.

If its past is ignored and you take a look at what it is now, it's pretty impressive. The mail & calendar application has been ejected into it's own browser-based client (Verse), which I'd argue could compete on good terms with anything Google or Microsoft have on offer in terms of look and feel. IBM themselves pretty much dismiss traditional Notes client apps as legacy now, instead concentrating on browser-based apps. Domino development itself is light-years ahead of the legacy stuff, with back-end code in Java (with a SSJS layer if you're happier with that) and the UI in JavaServer Faces-based XPages (or whatever technology you want - jQuery, Angular, etc.), and great extensibility into all the enterprise stuff - all developed in the Eclipse-based designer.

Unfortunately it seems to be hamstrung by this 'Notes is crap' reputation from outdated experiences though, which means any take-up of it is always going to be an uphill struggle. Good that IBM's at least making a bit more than its usual token effort to show its commitment though.

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