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In all seriousness, by the time the F35 is ready for active deployment drones will be taking over the skies!

This argument that the technology will soon be supplanted (plus the usual "we can't afford it") were the twin arguments behind the disastrous defence reviews of the late 1950s and all through the 1960s, that saw all manner of innovative British projects cancelled, including our own missile forces, aircraft like the Avro 730, P1154, TSR2, and also saw the stupid idea of combining domestic UK manufacturers into "bigger, more efficient" companies. Cancelling the TSR2 was a "cost saving" in the hope of buying the unproven, US made F111 (which of course never happened). Even the English Electric Lightning that became the mainstay of 1960s and 70s QRA defences would have been cancelled in 1957 by the Etonian morons of government, other than for the fact that it was sufficiently advanced that there were no cash savings from cancellation.

Actual defence strategy has always been poor, focusing on fighting the last war, largely I suspect because politicians won't invest in capabilities for types of war that haven't been fought before, although if you follow the public side of defence think tanks, they do have a good handle on emerging threats. But when it comes to defence equipment, the despicable short termism, interference and sheer arts-graduate ignorance of politicians guarantees failure.

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