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Putting this in perspective Notes was pitched as a heavyweight global all-singing all-dancing application, and sure, the biggest corporations in the world took it on-board and used it as a customisable off-the-shelf alternative to bespoke.

Designing (and using) a product that has such things as distributed/global referential integrity is, of course, a lot more difficult to do than any single group of designers could imagine - IMHO Novell were the masters of such insight, but I'm sure that even they stumbled occasionally.

We criticise the product now for its defects, but why didn't said global corporations do their research prior to embracing it? Methinks that it is the sheep mentality: Such & Such Megacorp is using Notes, it must be ok to use it. [In reality, enlightened users would skirt around the shortcomings, building code in to glue between incompatibilities that they find].

That last paragraph: Copy and paste it and stick it on your wall. In ten year's time, ask yourself. Did history repeat itself?

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