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I'm not going back to Subscription TV or Video, EVER. I MIGHT consider it if there was per film/series rental at a sensible price. Unless you are junkie for all the latest lowest common denominator / "Popular" US output, then "subscription" is a rip off.

I have no interest in supporting Amazon Fire, misnamed Apple TV or Google Chromecast as they are part subsidised by subscription and also spying on you. I had to remove Amazon Reader Apps from everything and only transfer to the dedicated Amazon and Kobi eink ereaders via USB. I use non-spying media and eReader apps on my phone and tablet now.

Nor do I want adverts not in Live TV.

As far as I'm concerned "that enormously valuable data on user selections for a vague sense of improved customer experience" is immoral and may even be illegal in EU. This is why my Sony "Smart" TV with Android TV and malicious T&C when you tune aerial input has no network connection at all. Otherwise it could do practically all any media box can do.

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