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DXC: Hands up in customer support – who wants redundo?

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Yep, completely agree with this, I work on several different projects at several customers locations where there are AIrbus, BAE, Capita, DXC, FJ, MoD and a few other companies and government departments.

My observations regarding DXC is the talented and able members of their staff moral has hit rock bottom, some really guy girls and boys who can't even get to a urgent and quickly arranged customer meeting as they need to get 3 week approval to spend £20 to get tot he meeting location. This to ensure that all expenses are actually warranted, but how much does it cost and how many people have to process the £20 pre-approval so that an engineer can get to a meeting to provide insight that will stop thousands of pounds and weeks of delays due to an issue, that they can see, not being mentioned at a meeting.

Or course VTC's can be used, but only if you have the facility to take part in one.

As for FJ, wow, firstly they can't get staff and the staff they do get they can't keep and they are paying half the going daily rate one would expect, subsequently they have engineers in fields they have no experience or knowledge of. I know of at least two network teams that are predominately made of of people who have never touched or managed a network or have never working in IT before, they are now network designers and some are working NOCs.

The most ironic thing about these two thing is that they are related.

I know of one place where FJ permies are leaving FJ to work on the same project they currently are, but contracting to DXC via one of several companies. They will be performing hte same job they currently do, on the same project in the same building, but earning between 30 to 60% more (depending upon their negotiating skills) then with FJ.

What makes this funnier is that some of the DXC permies on that project have been made redundant and many have been, and no doubt will be, put at risk under this.

Whilst I previously mention DXC have some great staff, their management is basically a bunch of mates who protect each other, have no real experience, have passed an exam like the CISSP and so therefore consider themselves to be security and architectural experts. It's funny how this lot, who I sometimes have to suffer the incompetence of, seem to be never put at risk and can always find a senior position on any new bid or project.

Rant over, and good luck to those good engineers that are still with DXC, I hope you find somewhere that appreciate your skills and efforts soon!

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