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vengeful auto mechanic

Great story! Reminds me if a friend who showed his boss not to mess with his betters.

Picture, boss goes to open door to personal car, to go home for the day,the handle, it's the horizontal flip type, now packed full of Axel Grease. Boss notices rag conveniently left on ground, so wipes hands, and door handle, being a slob, throws rag back on ground. Gets into car, grabs ANOTHER Grease Filled handle on the inside. Steam rising off said boss, gets out of car, uses the same rag to clean up AGAIN, and said rag has pretty well had it by now, so, boss gets BACK into car, starts car, and grabs GREASE filled steering wheel, finally looses it, now pounding on steering wheel, near tears!!!

Meanwhile, said employee watches the whole thing covertly (-;

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