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Boot not shut.

Oh yes.

Wise to this, I give the boot door a good slam. Car still helpfully tells me boot is not shut. Even has a nice little diagram on the dashboard with a stylised picture of an open boot, illuminated by a red led. Great.

Get out, open boot, and slam it shut again.

Boot not shut.

The car is denying reality.

After much swearing, opening and closing boot, and after close inspection, discover a small bit of detritus is caught in the well of a contact near the boot lock. It prevents a nipple making contact with a sliver of metal in the bottom of the well, and naturally, the car uses this contact to determine if the boot is closed or not. As the well is narrower than a finger, the fun now starts of getting said detritus out.

The last hire car I had spontaneously started beeping at me while driving down a dual carriageway with no hard shoulder. So what was it? I anxiously scanned the dashboard, and looked at the infotainment display, that could tell me my fuel consumption to two significant figures, the weather in Azerbaijan, and offer a choice of umpty-um DAB stations to ignore. Nothing. No doors open. No seatbelts unfastened. No low tyre pressures. Nothing. After five minutes, it stopped. I still have no idea what on earth it was.

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