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Reminds me of the several incidents that happened to a major UK University I could, but won't name.

First off, why you don't cheap out and put only VoIP phones in the datacentre control, when the networking kit isn't on secure power: power goes down, phones go down, management have no way to harangue the operators but the operators have their own mobile phones and can quite easily pass over terse instructions to the management.

Secondly, datacentres are air conditioned, and need aircon on all the time. So, when the power goes off, and the UPS generators kick in, that is not the time to wonder why everything in the datacentre is a bit less noisy than usual and seems also to be getting rapidly warmer. Cue very rapid machine shutdowns all round.

Thirdly, when you decide to turn the now rather obsolete datacentre into one absolutely gigantic office, it is unwise to assume that all the various odd machines that used to be in there will all migrate to the new, pay-for-space datacentres you've hired. No, they end up under various academics' desks, in comms closets and otherwise scattered around the place in silly places, and worst of all you don't know where they all are, so cannot apply blanket security policies without random roastings from, for example, the Professor of Cruel and Unusual Geography.

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