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How many of those are made by Nissan, and how many are made by an ODM such as Bosch - and as such would be common to several car brands?

As the AC moaning on about Nissan cars: Most of these parts (and I'd forgotten the dampers and clutch plate on the Qashqai, they were faulty crap as well) are most certainly made by third party makers/ODM suppliers. Unfortunately most are made to a Nissan/Renault cost and specification. Just because some ODM can make high quality parts doesn't mean that the car company will use the quality makers, or pay the price for corners to NOT be cut. And both were built before the earthquake. I used to work in the automotive sector many years ago, and I can recall the manufacturer concerned knowingly used poor quality suppliers because they were cheap, or stuck with design faults because it was usually a customer problem that rarely had to be fixed under warranty.

I have the impression that the Nissan-Renault tie up involves far too much of Renault's dubious supply chain practices and French approaches to quality manufacturing

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