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Alan W. Rateliff, II

Good on ya, PFY

Good to see the young man taking more initiative.

Yeah, a lot of recognizable decision making code-word in this one. Any time management walks into a room and starts "surveying," "assessing," or anything which implies making a plan one must realize there is no plan there is only do. The decision to move forward on an idea was made before the idea was even fully formulated, inspired by a half-read blog post or magazine article. Half-read and quit before the section on caveats and pitfalls, which is always at the end, anyway, since the person writing in the first place lead with the meat to make the idea seem good or practical, putting all the realistic reasons why it will not work way in the back knowing eyes will have glazed over by then.

Like those news stories, "Is your cat plotting to kill you? We'll tell you why at 10." The foregone conclusion is in the headline and you should immediately suspect the opposite is true.

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