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Alarm going off while driving, oh yes!

I finished a photo shoot one Summer Sunday morning around 6am in a small rural hamlet, packed away and just set off when somehow my Honda CRV decided that would be the perfect time to spew back the code it got from the key! It set the alarm off, screaming away among the quaint thatched houses!

Much twitching of curtains as I had to exit the car in the middle of the road, get away from the car, then run back to it and switch the locks on and off in order to shut the alarm up! This continued 2 more times that day, when I contacted Honda they said it'll happen then the key fib battery goes flat, "We can replace it for £45 + VAT."! Holly f**king, how much?!! Needless to say, I went on Amazon, bought a battery for £1.50 and replaced it myself!

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