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Upvoted you cos you talk sense - however one of the reasons I can't make the switch to Linux is it breaks my workflow.

Thanks :)

I switched slowly myself. I started it on some serverstuff I was doing, and slowly moved it over. I had some type of terminal program (maybe cygwin) that would led me ssh into the server. I started using it more and more with Ubuntu 8, and IIRC for a while I had the ultimate in dual-boot - 2 computers side-by-side!.

What sold me was the first time I went to use my epson printer/scanner on Linux. Stood up to turn the printer on, sat back at the computer, and there was a prompt saying it was ready. No driver searches, no wait while the OS finds drivers, just done and ready to work.

Of course, back then computers were a tiny fraction of my normal working life, so I had it easy.

(Oh, and as I said I still stick with something Gnome2-like because that's what I like - I'm comfortable in KDE and Cinamon, but the UI on the latest Fedora also made it my shortest-lived VM :) )

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no major UI changes in Windows. Just clean up the rough edges still hanging around after the 8 debacle. Its not friendly having both the old XP / 7 interfaces and the new 8/8.1/10 interfaces popping in randomly. The new ones suck pretty hard for anything except basic on/off switches.

Yeah they do waste a LOT of screen real estate! Efficient UI design DOESN'T involve having 3 words and one on/off slider per screen!

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