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Thank you Eric, yours is the very first mentions I've seen some of the unspoken side effects of Agile, one that the Dev's and Mgmt refuse to acknowledge until forced. All of this grandiose methodology has to be supported by Operations and Infrastructure teams who in my experience are run on a shoe string, and run ragged. They support Dev, Testing, and Live most of the time as well, often at shitty hours of the day while others sleep, or at least are able to hand over to another shift. They don't appreciate at all that none of their crap will work without the underpinning infrastructure and operational support until it's not there for some reason, and then all they do is vilify you, even if they couldn't be arsed to identify their massive requirement that broke it at the design phase. Oh no, they'll make sure it is known as an 'infrastructure problem', which sticks; the more you defend it the louder they hum. You have to deal with Dev's, PM's, Business, Mgmt and other infrastructure teams all at the time to manage all the unrealistic expectations that emanate from each separate faction who thinks the world revolves around them.

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