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Strange that between April and October I've charged my PHEV at home. Most of the power has come from my PV Array. If I could have fitted another two panels the PV Output would have exceeded the drain by the mains connected charger. From my observations, I have spent around £3 to charge my car 28 times which gave me around 500 miles of driving.

I'm getting a 35KWh Battery system installed next month along with further 2.5KWh of PV on my garage roof. It will grab all the PV output and store it for use in the evenings or to charge my new car (Nissan Leaf). Again and by being careful I would expect to drive for most of the year at zero leccy cost.

But naturally and according to you, I'm dreaming because I'm living at 51N and not at 39N.(lat of Jeddah)

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