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Please activate the anti-ransomware protection in your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update PC. Ta

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'Windows Defender' on Win 7 is a useless application which tries and fails to do something about spyware. 'Windows Defender' on Win 8 and later, including Win 10, is an application of quite limited use which attempts to do something about malware in general, including spyware, but which is not the best antimalware app ever made. There are notable differences between Defender on Win 8/8.1 and Defender on Win 10; this feature is merely one more. Defender on Win 8 was built on the bones of Microsoft Security Essentials, for Win 7. They are not the same application. Defender on Win 10 has the same name but is not the same application as Defender on Win 8/8.1. If you want the features of Defender on Win 10, you have to be running Win 10. In other words, no, this won't be backported to Security Essentials on Win 7. And, no, this won't be backported to Defender on Win 8/8.1. Go ahead and sue. You will lose.

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