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John Hayes : A Biography of glory

Basically, he's been shuffled consistently around fairly junior government posts in a wide variety of departments. He seeming has no particular areas of specific interest, or indeed abilities. He's a member of the 'Countryside Alliance', the pro-hunting lobby who are too cowardly to admit it, and pretend to be 'pro-countryside'. He's also a member of the 'Society for the Protection of Unborn Children', and therefore against women's rights to decide about abortion and also bizarrely, against assisted suicide and same sex marriage (which have fuck all to do with unborn children as far as I see, but still). Astoundingly, in the true spirit of Yes Minister's 'Sir Arnold' he's chairman of the British Caribbean Society, which I'm sure he takes advantage of 'during the winter months'. Summary : he's a low achieving bigot who's occupying a safe, rural seat. In short, a classic Tory. Unworthy of having a single shit named after him.

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