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I fail to understand how products like this actually gain any traction at all in the first place.

Surely part of what makes us human is the ability to create and enjoy a whole myriad of things, not least exquisite food. I thought that microwave ready-meals were abhorrent, although I admit for the busy person in a fix they fill a need. However this and Huel and other products like them just astound me.

We are developing in to a society where a significant portion of the populace seem determined to disengage with the human condition. People prefer to play on mobile devices than talk to the person sitting next to us. People prefer to interact with people on the other side of the world in a pretend universe than interact with their own family in the same house. Realistic sex dolls are becoming more and more prevalent, and all of this seems to be leading to people wanting to spend less and less time interacting with people in the "real" world.

I envisage a future of people existing in small, individual sized cubes, lit with the meagre electronic glow of a status light of a VR headset and the blue always-aware thrum of an Amazon Echo. The streets silent like an abandoned ghost town, aside from the sinister buzzing of a swarm of automated delivery drones, each dropping bags of nutrients down the delivery chute of a domicile cube. And thus will end the western society.

We deserve all we get, we do this to ourselves.

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