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"It does need to be ran as Administrator, but that's trivial to work around."

How is that trivial to work around? Users on Windows 10 won't have admin access without at least a warning prompt to elevate access.

You mean that thing that's on the screen briefly before the user clicks the "make it go away!" button? Or the one that defaults to the "allow" button being selected, which gets "clicked" when the user presses their space button. Which is not very often really, only every 4-5 characters typed or so....

Not knowing how the permissions mechanism works, but my plan to defeat it would be 1) to bombard the user with prompts (making the reason sound safe enough, eg "Mostwonderousfreebackup.exe needs to access your data to protect it, allow (yes/no)?" in the expectation that they'll hit "yes" (what turned UAC into just another Useless Annoying C...) or b) use a trojan that acts much like A.

Now, a versioning system that can detect wholesale changes to user's files and maybe take action (without having a simple yes/no prompt the user can make go away quickly but something that sticks around and explains itself fairly carefully - no I don't know how this can be achieved sorry!) , and make sure that the previous copy of the user's files cannot be touched - that would be good. Of course a quick defeat to that is to fill the HDD with stuff so there's no space left.

Maybe the versioning software can send the file that's making the changes back to HQ (and other places, ie competing AV firms) for analysis, and hold it's execution till cleared?

Unfortunately any security system that requires the average user to select "no" several times a day is doomed to failure.

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