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"Licensing should be simple : you have how many people using this software ? It's this much."

Of course it shouldn't. First define a "person using this software". With a DB there are usually only a few people using the software as they have middleware which the 'people' access which then utilises the DB.

Okay so now you licence every person who uses any software which might utilise some other software which accesses the DB.

Next thing you know your ecommerce website has to be licensed for every single person in the world as they might want to use it?

Then you have redundant environments, testing systems etc.

I agree licensing is overly and deliberately complex, ambiguous and a pain but your solution isn't a solution.

I prefer per person OR per server (per Core/vCore) with no limits on portability, only required for production or permanent testing (passive DR no licence needed) and a grace period of say 28 days to transition or host a recovery server.

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