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"Scientists must always question any hypothesis, which current climate models are as they don't predict what is happening currently (always jam tomorrow)."

Question doesn't mean deny. It means look for the evidence, and as I understand it the overwhelming majority of climate scientists look at the evidence and draw conclusions from that.

"Any Theory and even Laws must be constantly questioned if you are a real scientist, that is how we discover new science!!!"

Yes if the evidence doesn't match the Theory.

"The photoelectric effect was not predicted by classical physics and Einstein initiated the idea of photons to solve it (what he got his Nobel prize for), this was the beginning of quantum mechanics."

This wss not denying anything, it's explaining something that was until then unexplained!

"Newtons Laws of Gravity were also challenged by General Relativity and proved to be only local approximations lacking a knowledge of spacetime."

Same as above.

"By your definition you would call Einstein a science denier."

Not at all, see above!

"Side note: evolution as suggested by Darwin is no longer considered how evolution works as he was not aware of how DNA works, evolution has evolved. So if you deny Darwinian evolution that is currently the correct thing to do!!"

Darwinian evolution has been modified with additional detail (the mechanism of DNA) and tweaked in places, not denied.

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