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anti-particles "moving backwards in time" ?

here's a thought...

I once heard, from a reputable engineering person that might actually know stuff about theoretical physics, that anti-particles are [or are suspected to be] particles moving backwards in time. This is mostly because they have opposite spin, so "in theory" maybe it's true, like observing a coin flip creates a reality and a theoretical universe where "the opposite" came up, right?. OK fine, Schroedinger's cat IS both alive and dead [as stated in an article a couple of years ago, on El Reg even, when it was proved by experimentation].

I occasionally glean interesting information about such things on "teh intarwebs", some of which may be valid, and a lot of which falls into the perpetual motion category of bullcrap "science".

Today I'm thinking, WHAT IF it's true that anti-particles move backwards in time?

Well, at the big bang, was there time *BEFORE* the bang? Answer: no.

So, how can it create ANTI-PARTICLES??? And now you have it!

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