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While I am inclined to agree with Bombastic about change for the sake of change with regard to computing. I'm not sure it is fair to blame it on Millennials. There are a lot of things in computing these days I believe are total hype. And the new isn't automatically better than the old. In fact, I believe a lot of the old is better. Look at what all generations are doing to the planet with regard to climate change. The older generation screwed the newer generations big time. I remember when I was young and I thought the older generation was responsible. I now that is false. They are totally reckless and most of them are only looking out for their own interests. So, overall, I think you are just outright wrong trying to blame everything on Millennials. I am a Gen Xer and first learned about global warming back in the early 90s. What has been done about it since then? Virtually nothing. And now we have criminal oil goons in the government trying to rolling back what little progress we have had. And who voted for these people? The older generation.

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