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"Wayland: About time. Pushing all UI through a pipe/socket was good in its day, but the desktop needs more. X11 has had its time, and they're no longer wasting time with Mir."

About that... let me describe some of my experiences with low-level X11 coding...

several years ago I decided I wanted a proper IDE for X11. And because NOBODY supports "virtual space", something I really like, I started on my own toolkit. still working on that one. yeah, time, money, lack thereof, getting in my way.

Anyway, one thing I discovered early on is that the X11 protocol is _NOT_ what causes "perceived slowness" in X11 applications. In fact, my application was popping up SO fast that I was like "Oh... it's already running". I'd type the command into a shell, and *poof* it was already open, displaying the menu, etc.. When I added clipboard support, there was an additional 1/2 sec delay to do all of the messaging to and from the desktop, and I also added a nice splash screen with 3D animation, which gives you that "perception of doing something".

But I have _NOT_ run into _ANY_ performance problems dealing with X11's communications pipe (or TCP connection). In FACT I've seen a CLEAR ADVANTAGE here, because it's CLIENT/SERVER, so you are using at least 2 CPU cores to make it work. It's leveraging multi-core, and has ALWAYS done so!!!

The *REAL* problem with performance from X11 applications is the way the GTK's have to suck in EVERY BLOATWARE LIBRARY on the planet (cairo, bonobo, pango, yotta yotta yotta) even though maybe YOUR application only needs just a fraction of their capability. This increases load times. And *THEN* there's the "object oriented insanity" associated with things like the 'File Open' box you see in the gnome world. Do you *REALLY* have to scan *EVERY* file to determine what the icon needs to be, *BEFORE* loading up the list o' files to choose from? Windows does this, too [and it's disreputably SLOW because of it]. _MY_ file open dialog box looks like Windows '95 era but loads BLISTERINGLY FAST, even with hundreds of files. Try THAT with a BLOATWARE version. Yeah. The objects are MINDLESSLY collecting unused and worthless "information" about EVERY! STINKING! FILE! and that has NOTHING to do with X11 protocol or the network or the file system or X11's client/server model.

It's also worth pointing out that a typical X-based application *COULD* be statically linked with the X11 libraries, and it would probably run/load just a _teeny_ bit faster. it could also be [*gasp*] shipped as a BINARY that way, and not have shared-lib-dependency-hell when copying to destination systems. Just sayin'. Not sure about Wayland applications, though. I bet it's so Windows-like it might as well have been designed in REDMOND. [but it was probably Silly Valley, nearly as bad]

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