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Looks tempting

I don't use Ubuntu, but I think this is probably their best release so far. They're done a good job with putting the major changes in before the LTS.

Wayland: About time. Pushing all UI through a pipe/socket was good in its day, but the desktop needs more. X11 has had its time, and they're no longer wasting time with Mir.

There's a few cry-babies who think they can not have remote windows. Well, I guess they haven't heard of XWayland... it's the clients (on the remote) that need to support X11. Properly isolating the windows so they can't see each others display + input feels a lot better, too.

The more distros that use it, the better it will become, because 3rd party and closed applications will have to support it.

GNOME 3: Not my thing, but at least they're no longer wasting time with Unity. And Ubuntu's twist is a little better. Try it.

and window buttons on the right!!!!1

As for systemd, it's been in for at least a year - Mint, too. Didn't notice it? Sill able to use init scripts? exactly. FUD.

Linux is ready for the desktop, has been for a while for some of us. It's the user's that aren't.

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