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How DeepMind's AlphaGo Zero learned all by itself to trash world champ AI AlphaGo

Nick L

Reminds me of a conversation not that long ago with a building society when we were trying to modernise their mortgage origination (application and opening) processes. We showed how wonderful whooshing the data around would be, and the customer nodded and asked, "is it better than Maureen?"

"What's a Maureen?" we ask.

Turns out Maureen retired a couple of years ago but comes in for a couple of hours each day to print, check, take action on and do all the processing needed for mortgage applications. She basically kept the whole place going, and was costing them less than £10,000 a year... She even would text updates on progress to customers if they asked for it. When she didn't come in it took a couple of people almost all day to do the same, which they admitted might be a concern as time went on.

We asked them to let us know when Maureen finally stopped working or if they wanted to increase volumes (which they didn't). I suspect she's still there :)

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