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The F-35's mission facing an air defence system worthy of the name is to get well forward into the AD radar envelope without being detected (that stealth thing), detect threats (the massive sensor and comms suite it's fitted with) and provide information to guide missiles such as Brimstone fired from fifty km behind it by ammo mules like F/A-18s and Typhoons into their assorted targets (to begin with the air defence systems and launchers that are stopping the mules from getting forward without getting blown out of the sky). It's a sniper weapon so it's not fitted with a bayonet mount unlike the Warthog's stupid BFG.
Errrm, no.

The F-35 is meant to replace F/A-18s, Warthogs, F-16s, Harriers, and all the assorted similar aircraft. It is meant to do the ground strikes, close-air-support and so on of all those other aircraft.

It is stealthy from the forward aspect only. It is the bombtruck. That is the only case where frontal-only aspect stealth makes any sense. It approaches enemy forces head-on, the only place its stealth works, and unloads its weapon loads into enemy positions/oncoming aircraft before they can detect and launch their own missiles/other defenses at it. And it better hope it eliminates all, or enough, of the opposing forces air defence sites or enemy aircraft, because once the F-35 turns away - or passes beyond those points thus exposing its non-stealth aspects to the remaining defences, then those remaining enemy aircraft who carry 6-12 AA missiles (as opposed to the maximum 4 of the F-35 if it wants to maintain stealth) will be able to unload their far-superior loadout capability at the un-stealthy aspects of the F-35.

The F-22 is the F-15, Typhoon equivalent/replacement. The air-superiority fighter, the all-aspect stealth aircraft. The one intended to go toe-to-toe with the latest generation of enemy air superiority fighters. The one meant to penetrate the enemy air defences to go after targets inside the AD zone.

The F-35 is meant to nibble away at the fringes, take out outer shell AD, then once that is eliminated, go after the next inner shell, and so-on.

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