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Lead suck it up over 45s because you did.

There is a problem with plus 45, even if many of you refuse to admit it. Lead in fuels, yep, suck it up, the generation prior to us, fucked our brains up with lead, reducing out intellectual capability. Not criminal idiots certainly, well, only the ones already at the lower end of the IQ spread but there is a price to pay for say 10 to 30 lost IQ points you can thank you grandparents for and that is, yep, the millennial generation are smarter. Not so much in the US where lead water pipes are still a thing and firing lead bullets at rifle ranges, mainlining lead, had a very, very deleterious impact, surely everyone should have noticed by now (gun nuts are nuts for a reason, think mad hatter and mercury, just the exhaust of firing a lead bullet, down a rifled extreme friction inducing barrel, with very hot lead melting gases).

So more a US thing, than a thing in the rest of the world because they got the worst of lead poisoning as reflected in their crime rate versus the rest of the worlds crime rate.

Why deny it, you should be seriously pissed off about, bloody previous generation stole 20 of your IQ points and most of you are still smart enough to realise what was stolen from you and how important it is to you.

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