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Stealth no so Stealthy

Problem is weather radar can light up stealth aircraft at truly massive distance because, moving an aircraft at high speeds through moisture laden atmosphere causes major alteration in the density of water vapour and the engine doing it's compression thing does it as well. You can see the contrail, so can weather radar, even when you can not see the contrail, high detail not so much weather radar can still see it.

Now that weather radar is not super accurate but it is certainly way accurate enough, to get more typical radar, say mounted to the tip of an anti-aircraft missile, to track and destroy the target and you know this.

The F35 flying pig is crap at low level flying, two reasons, really poor manoeuvrability and it doesn't take to bullets well, not even little ones, not well at all. It is a horrible get rich quick scheme for the US war industrial complex, hmm, didn't a particular prime ministers father have off shore tax haven bank accounts that the scummy prime minister did not declare when they came into his possession.

The real reason for the F35 purchase can likely be found in the British Virgin Islands tax haven, where the UK taxpayer is no longer a 'cough' virgin, having been right royally screwed over by US war industrial complex, if you are British, just pretend it feels good.

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