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Yes, British F-35 engines must be sent to Turkey for overhaul


Why Serviced In Turkey

The answer as to why the F35 Flying Pig engines can only be serviced in Turkey, the answer should be obvious. The US corporations controlling the purchase, apparently not only for the US government but also the British government, can get cheaper servicing, much cheaper, which of course they will charge for at full tote, done in the US at maximum labour cost, so more profit, the do not call the F35 the flying pig for no reason, the snout right in the war industrial complex generating maximum profits for them because apparently the reality is Russia and China are not threat at all and they can produce and sell shite, that needs to be replaced once they are finished selling it and it no longer needs to be in any way effective or reliable as long as it meets it's one and only goal, profit.

What has the UK done to itself, you are becoming an embarrassment, a joke government and offshoot of Americorps, a pathetic subsidiary.

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