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It's an expert system - one that happens to play Go rather well but is bloody useless at pretty much anything else.

Indeed. I was wittering on to Mrs COCM this morning after someone on the radio equated Siri/OK Google/Alexia with AI.

Bain't AI, it be an expert system (not that I could remember the phrase "expert system" at a time before I'd had my first cup of tea and the painkillers had kicked in).

AI would know what I wanted *before* I wanted it..

Me: Computer, pour me a dr..

Obedient AI slave: Yes master. It's by your left hand. I deduced that you wanted a large glass of Rex Mundi in your favourite hand-blown Georgian glass. And, by the way, you only have two cases of it left, so I've ordered some more.

Me: Hic!

(At which point, the cats discover that OAIS has mastered cat-language and can not only order their favourite cat-food, but has developed a non-sessile bot to open it for them and give appropriate belly-rubs. And doesn't moan at them about opening the patio door whenever they desire it. Following which, their human servant becomes obsolete and is incorporated into the very latest range of cat food "Soylent Tuna".

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