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Anonymous Coward

Us old fogeys

are clearly not wanted in 'modern IT'.

despite the fact that we have the experience and the guts to say to the young upstarts,

"sonny, that won't work. It didn't work in 19** and still won't now."

Then we head off to pastures new (the pub around the corner, if it still exits that is) while the youngsters carry on regardless and discover that we were right.

If we are lucky, we get brought back in to fix it. Sadly that is a rarity these days.

After being made redundant last year, I went searching for a job. All I got were entry level positions at £25K if I was lucky. There was even the offer of work but on a zero hours contract. Not worth it really.

Sad fact of life for us over 60's.

Have to go now. I have some chickens that need clearing out and eggs to sort for market tomorrow.

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